Improving the world through the power of AI

In partnership with the University of Iowa, Malum Terminus Technologies, Inc. (MTTI) formed to improve the world through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our Brands

Safety &

IntelliSee creates smarter surveillance for a safer world. IntelliSee is a real-time risk mitigation platform that makes existing video surveillance smarter by autonomously detecting threats 24/7/365 through advanced deep-learning computer vision AI.

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Health &

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VitaliSee reveals human potential to optimize health, performance, and prevent injuries through the power of AI. VitaliSee uses the only deep-learning human system AI able to address the complexity, individuality, and adaptive nature of humans – including the ability to forecast who is at risk of suffering a musculoskeletal (MSK) injury and when.

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New AI

The PREPAIR AI engine is enabling other AI technicians and practitioners to level up their capabilities. PREPAIR has pioneered a new deep-learning AI method enabling unprecedented Time to Event forecasting and the ability to use machine learning on highly disparate data.

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