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Our novel AI advancements in the field of health and human performance paved the way for VitaliSee’s formation. VitaliSee’s mission is to optimize health and human performance while preventing the seemingly randomness of injuries – like musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries – that take massive human and financial tolls on organizations and people.

The human system is incredibly complex. Every individual is unique, unlimited variables change moment to moment and affect each individual differently, and the impacts of something done today may not emerge until months later – if at all. By combining domain, technical, and analytical expertise to focus on human performance, a breakthrough AI was developed.

The best injury is one that never happens.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) and other preventable injuries cost organizations billions annually. All people naturally break down over time, yet some individuals seem impervious to injury. Physically fit individuals who practice proper lifting and other protocols can still get hurt. What if you could understand who is at highest risk of an MSK injury, when that injury was going to occur, and why? That’s the inspiration behind VitaliSee – prevention through prediction and intervention.

VitaliSee, powered by the PREPAIR AI engine, enables human resource professionals, human performance specialists, and practitioners to optimize human capital and proactively manage risk.

Efforts initially focused on preventing soldiers’ training injuries to enhance readiness, mission outcomes, and overall performance. These capabilities are expanding within our U.S. Military and are now ready for civilian industries and athletic markets.

Focus Resources

  • Shift resources to prevent and mitigate injuries instead of reacting to them
  • Monitor risks via individualized dynamic forecasts that evolve with the individual
  • Prioritize maintenance, mitigation, and intervention based on risk instead of a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Learn and leverage best practices to improve overall team performance, retention, and ROI

Intervene Effectively

  • Proactively intervene via the industry’s only Time to Event AI forecasting engine
  • Complement human capital expertise with data-driven analytics and forecasting
  • Quantify an individual’s innate performance drivers to determine why they are at risk
  • Use these drivers to create scalable and individualized improvement and risk mitigation plans

Plan Strategically

  • Forecast future needs, readiness and production capacity, reserves, and more
  • Determine and quantify analytic drivers of risks, retention, costs and capacity
  • Screen and match individuals to the activities most appropriate for their circumstances
  • Calculate ROI on preventative and other difficult to quantify approaches

Modernizing Human

  • Avoid error prone and inefficient data practices via machine learning designed for real-world data realities
  • Leverage AI on all types of human systems data formats – together or separately. (i.e. screening and performance data, assessments, wearable devices, medical records, surveys, and more)

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