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PREPAIR is MTTI’s powerful AI engine created to provide unprecedented forecasting and descriptive power enabled by step changes in AI.

PREPAIR can accurately predict if AND when an event will happen. It does so by using nearly any type of data – large or small, complex, disparate, completed, or partial.

Malum Terminus Technologies is now licensing this capability to others.

Consider PREPAIR

  • Accurately predicts when something will happen with breakthrough Time to Event forecasting
  • Discovers and quantifies hidden, innate, and latent data relationships within and across highly disparate data sets
  • Enables deep-learning compatible with any dataset no matter how large, complex, or disparate they are
  • Provides real-time, dynamic individual forecasts that adapt as the subject’s circumstances adapt
  • Imbed PREPAIR into data platforms and user-interfaces for dynamic alerts, dashboards, insights, and simulations

Pioneering a New Kind of Prediction

PREPAIR pioneered this new deep-learning AI approach specifically to enable time to event prediction on extremely complex systems.

By leveraging the power of deep-learning neural networks on disparate data, innate relationships and causality amongst data elements are discovered. Consider the common problem of sparse and irregular timestamps. PREPAIR can still discover the hidden data relationships amongst this data while taking away the error prone and time-consuming task of manual data formatting. PREPAIR is also unique in that a network is developed for each individual object of interest based on the relationships discovered within its training. That object’s network continues to evolve as the data related to that object evolves and updates.