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Our initial safety and security offering is the IntelliSee AI risk mitigation platform. IntelliSee’s mission is simple – make the world a safer place through smarter surveillance.

There is currently more surveillance in the world than humans can effectively monitor. Even if human capacity could cover it, screen fatigue and tunnel vision set in almost immediately. As a result, today’s surveillance is primarily a reactive tool to understand what happened after an incident occurs. Creating a smarter, more proactive solution was the inspiration behind IntelliSee.

IntelliSee is a deep-learning computer vision AI platform that turns existing video surveillance systems into proactive risk mitigation tools. IntelliSee’s deep-learning algorithms automate camera monitoring by analyzing live surveillance feeds 24/7/365 for threats and risks ranging from the common slip and fall to the rare, but catastrophic, drawn weapon. Once a threat is detected, the platform instantly sends context-rich alerts to the systems and people designated to take action – improving response times and, in many situations, preventing incidents altogether.

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