In partnership with the University of Iowa Technology Institute, Malum Terminus Technologies, Inc. (MTTI) was formed in 2018 to improve the world through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

MTTI’s core capabilities were developed through a decades-long relationship with the U.S. Department of Defense to improve the safety and performance of our soldiers. In support of our mission, MTTI is building upon these capabilities starting in the fields of safety & security and with health & human performance.

Externally capitalized late 2019 and professionally managed early 2020, our leadership team, board, capital partners, and founders have deep expertise in business, education, human performance, technology/AI, and other key subject areas.

Safety &

MTTI’s Intellisee™ AI risk mitigation platform turns existing passive surveillance cameras into modernized proactive security solutions by identifying risks before incidents occur – in real time.

MTTI’s domain experts and AI breakthrough is keeping our soldiers and others at peak performance by preventing injuries through accurately identifying who is at risk of injury, when, and why.

for a Safer World

MTTI’s initial safety and security offering is IntelliSee™, a new artificial intelligence (AI) computer vision platform that turns existing surveillance cameras into proactive risk-mitigation tools.

The amount of surveillance has increased dramatically but most is unmonitored and used after an incident occurs. Human monitoring is expensive and ineffective given the realities of screen fatigue and tunnel vision. Smarter, more proactive solutions are needed.

This was the inspiration behind IntelliSee. IntelliSee’s deep-learning algorithms automate camera monitoring to help organizations keep people safe. IntelliSee works by autonomously monitoring live surveillance feeds for threats including slip and fall hazards, drawn weapons, fallen persons, trespassers, no-shows/missing persons and more. Once detected, the platform instantaneously validates the threat and sends context-rich alerts to the systems and people that can act—improving response times, and in some scenarios, preventing incidents altogether.

As the global leader, the U.S. Military has to be ready at a moment’s notice. Hundreds of millions are spent annually training our soldiers to ensure readiness. Unfortunately, this also results in the very real issue of training injuries.

According to The Washington Examiner and Business Insider, “…the biggest challenge to readiness is injuries incurred during training” with over 4 million duty days missed by our service members due to training injuries in the first half of 2019. Injuries sideline soldiers and impact their lives, diminish readiness, and cost our military and taxpayers time and money – including future Veteran’s Administration obligations. Despite billions of data points and numerous technologies, there had been no solution given the complexity of the human system. This was the inspiration for the technical advancements that created MTTI.

MTTI’s novel AI advancements in health and human performance have created the ability to accurately and dynamically predict which soldiers are at-risk of training injuries, when, and why. This breakthrough enables providers, trainers, and leaders to prevent injuries through intervention and to simulate mitigations and training enhancements at the individual and group level.

A Complex Problem

Humans may be the most complex system known. An unlimited combination of factors affects an individual ranging from genetics to environmental, physical, and psychological conditions. An individual’s circumstances constantly change and something that occurred today – like sleep deprivation, an unplanned stressor, or just aging another day – may not manifest itself until days, weeks, or months later…if at all. Multiply that complexity for every individual in a group and it becomes even more overwhelming.

Even with massive advances in computing power, existing AI / machine learning could not solve the human complexity challenge; a different paradigm and a more powerful solution was required.

A Paradigm Shift and AI Breakthrough:

MTTI’s researchers recognized the enormity of this challenge. By combining domain, technical, and analytical expertise to focus on human performance, a breakthrough AI technology was developed.

Efforts initially focused on preventing military training injuries, but these capabilities will eventually enhance mission outcomes, improve performance, and more – including bringing these same capabilities to other sectors and industries.

A Technical Breakthrough:

The MTTI AI engine created provides major step changes in AI:

  • Improved forecasting and descriptive power
  • Quantifying latent data relationships across large, complex, and highly disparate data sets
  • Deep learning compatible with any dataset regardless of the smoothness (or lack thereof) of time and other data relationships
  • Training speeds 1500X faster than AI alternatives with no loss in accuracy or predictive power
  • Faster use of resulting computations enabling dynamic predictions and simulations – for individuals and groups
  • Ability to imbed dynamic forecasting and simulating abilities into data management platforms and user-interfaces